Virgin V Female Vagina Prosthesis

We are so excited to offer you this fantastic, new product. Now you can really...

The Virgin V Female Vagina Prosthesis is a new and improved design. It not only fulfills the feminine illusion, but gives you the ability to lose your virginity and regain it again! It is designed for sexual enjoyment with a larger vaginal opening, which is easily penetrated.

How can this happen? It comes with an intact hymen. After it has been penetrated, the vaginal opening can be repaired with the latex that comes with the Virgin V.

This product looks a lot like the others that have been available for many years, however, it is a totally new product. It has more space for the genitals, is softer to the touch and allows for easy vaginal penetration. As with all of our products, the Virgin V Female Vagina ProsthesisTM is made of pure liquid latex rubber which is hand brushed into a mold with up to twelve coats for each of the custom made products. There are four different colors of tinted latex in each product. The hair is sewn on by hand and adhered to the back with liquid latex. The Virgin V Female Vagina Prostheses will fit most. It is available in waist sizes from 30" to 48". The latex can be trimmed at the top and in the sides around the groin area for a better fit.

To prolong the life of these products, after wearing, clean thoroughly with soap and water, dry thoroughly overnight, powder and store in a cool, dark area. If the product is going to be worn for an extended period of time (over 3-4 hours), it is recommended that it be powdered with talcum powder periodically to keep it dry. The product should be cleaned after every use.

Since these products are made of 100% latex, only use a waterbase lubricant.  Petroleum or food based oils will cause the latex to deteriorate.

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PRICE: $ 279.99 plus shipping and handling.

Due to popular demand, please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

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ProductID: Vee String
Virgin Vee String
Price: $279.99
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Hair or No Hair

Item: Secret Scent

Apply a small dab to the pubic hair of your Vee-String. You will experience a realistic female aroma. Size: .5 oz.

Price: $ 24.99 plus shipping and handling.

ProductID: Secret Scent
for Vee String
Price: 24.99


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