Sheath with Urinating Bladder Vee-String*
The Mother Of All Vee-Strings!

We are so excited to offer you this fantastic, new product. Now you can really...

Now you can have it all...The Sheath Vee-String* is available with a urination function.  This is not a is a "bladder" that will accommodate most penis sizes.  However, when you order, if your penis is extra large or small, let us know so we can accommodate you with a correct bladder size.  Your penis is placed into a hole in the bladder, which holds you in place.  The bladder does not hold liquid, but allows for an even flow.  The vaginal sheath is behind the bladder making this anatomically correct.

This Vee-String Vagina is designed with a Vaginal Canal Sheath.  You can insert a penis inside the sheath allowing you and your partner to experience sexual pleasure.

As with all of the other Vee-Strings*, the Sheath with Urinating Bladder Vee-String* Vagina is made of pure liquid latex rubber which is hand brushed into a mold with up to twelve coats for each of the custom made products. There are three to four different colors of tinted latex in each product. The hair is sewn on by hand and adhered to the back with liquid latex. We use ten different colors of synthetic hair in our products to give them a very natural look. The latex is very stretchable with excellent memory returning to its original shape. Due to the amount of latex in the products, they are durable, soft, and pliable. Each order is custom made to the specifications of the individual buyer. This product is $409.99 plus shipping and handling 4some.jpg (16088 bytes) The thumbnail photo to the left shows the four sizes of Vee-Strings*.  From the left the Small fits waist size 26"-29",   Medium fits waist size 30"-36; Large fits waist size 37"-42"; and Extra Large fits waist size 43"-50".  The products are not the same.  They are designed larger as they go up in size.  Therefore, it is not a one size fits all product.   

To prolong the life of these products, after wearing, clean thoroughly with soap and water, dry thoroughly overnight, powder and store in a cool, dark area. If the product is going to be worn for an extended period of time (over 3-4 hours), it is recommended that it be powdered with talcum powder periodically to keep it dry. The product should be cleaned after every use.

Since these products are made of 100% latex, only use a waterbase lubricant.  Petroleum or food based oils will cause the latex to deteriorate.

Hairstyles #1-4 are an additional $25.00.

Hair Styles #1 and #2

Hair Styles #3 and #4

Due to popular demand, please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.

Q: Can I get a skin tone to match mine? A: Yes. The best thing to do is to go to a craft store near you and look at the small bottles of Acrylic paint (brand names DecoArt by Americana or Ceramcoat by Delta). There should be a wide array of colors. Choose one that would best match the skin tone just above your pubic area. Write the color and brand name down. E-mail us with your order and the color and we'll make the product for you. If there is not a craft store near you, you have two can either snail mail us a color sample of the appropriate makeup foundation on a piece of paper, or send us a picture out of a magazine with the color circled and we'll match it as closely as possible. There is an additional charge of $40 and there will be a three or five day delay on custom colors. If you do order the special color, please email us and we will work out the details with you.

Note: Due to the nature and individual specifications of this product, we can not offer refunds once your order is placed.


To Order A Sheath/Bladder Vee String, use the "Add to Cart" button below:
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To Order A Sheath/Bladder Vee String with a hair style, use the "Add to Cart" button below:
Please select waist size, hair color & hair style from the pull down bars. Then Click on "Add to Cart" and follow the instructions.


Item: Secret Scent

Apply a small dab to the pubic hair of your Vee-String. You will experience a realistic female aroma. Size: .5 oz.

Price: $ 24.99 plus shipping and handling.


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