1. Maintain the suit rolled in bubble pack as it was sent.

Lay out the bubble pack and lay the suit over it so that you can roll or fold them together. Do not fold it or cram it into a box.  It will get permanent wrinkles

2. Keep your suit clean and powdered on the inside at all times.

Clean with soap and water. Do not get lacquer thinner or rubbing alcohol on the nipples or the pussy.

3 Before you start to put it on, roll the suit down to the waist, like stockings! Lay on your back. Work the rolled part up just above your knees and then work the rest of the legs onto your legs, taking care to get the legs all the way on and over the heals of your feet. With the palms of your hands you should be able to fix the legs in place from the ankles to the knees.

4. Now stand up and rub down the sticky side of a FemPad. Place it on your body starting at two points at the same time: The hip bone and the thigh.  In the same motion swing the pad around to your rear and see how it's going on. If you need to, lift it back off the butt and adjust it on the thigh, not moving it off the hip bone. The Hip bone is always going to be your starting point. The front part of the thigh is always going to be your 2nd point. Get these two points right and pull it around the body with the 3rd point in mind, the crack of your butt. You will find you can stretch and pull the pads in place on the butt cheeks and on into the butt crack.

Do not pull the pads up your butt, just to the butt crack, not in it. If you need to start again, you can clean the pad off with lacquer thinner again to get it sticky again.  

5. Powder the pads to make sure the suit will slide over them. With both hands, grasp the suit at the rolls only, making sure not to pull on any part of the suit that is not part of the rolled part. Now wiggle your butt and pull the suit up over you hips to your waist. If you have an erection, you will find it a lot easer to get your penis into the penis pouch. You hold the rolled up parts of the suit with one hand and use the other to fix yourself, by pointing yourself into the pouch.

6. Clean the backs of the breast implants off with lacquer thinner and stick the implants to you body. A good guide is try to align your nipple and the nipple on the implant as place them on you.

7. Now you continue to unroll the suit.  Place both hands and arms through the arm holes just past the elbows.

Then pull one side at a time up over the shoulders.

Now fix the breast forms by gently pinching the skin and postioning it into place with (small) pulling ,moving and placing motions.