Look Close at FemPads!

Shaped like a Female Body, not like hot dog and hamburger buns! A stunningly realistic appearance in looks, movement and touch. Impossible to differentiate from the natural body! Padding is not for surgical implant use!

FemPads are soft, lightweight. They will stick on you and to each other! FemPads will hold any body powder, you can use colored powder on them and when powdered nothing will stick to them. You should keep them powderd on all sides when not in use. Clean them with lacquer thinner and they get very Sticky! Each side will add a 1 1/4" to each hip! A set will add 2 1/2" to your hips! When FemPads are powdered, they feel just like skin!

(INCREDIBLY REALISTIC!) FemPads are very soft and strong. They can stretch many times from their original size without tearing. They will rebound to their original form without distortion. One size fits all! T = Top / B = Bottom

Fempads are stackable! No Left and No Right, Just Top and Bottom or Up and Down!

You can take two FemPads and stick them together by cleaning them with lacquer thinner and sticking them together, they will Not come apart until you pull them apart! Two sets of FemPads will add 5" to your hips, three sets will add 7 1/2" to your hips, and so on! FemPads can be used with or without a FemSkin!

Human skin is translucent. The skin surface reflects only about 5% of incident light, and most incident light penetrates the skin. The unique combination of color true pigments adapts to provide ideal, buildable coverage to perfectly match your skin tone. So we tint FemPads to a natural skin tone not color them. Without any doubt FemPads are the most advanced Prosthetic padding in the world today but would you expect any less from FemSkin?

Ships in just 10 working days!

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